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Bicycle Tours Schwerin Lake District

1. Around the Schwerin outer lake ("Außensee")

From Frankenhorst, take the link road and turn left towards Wickendorf. Turn right at the crossroads onto the K42 towards Hunddorf/Lübstorf. After 7 km (4 miles) you will reach Lübstorf, where you turn right towards Wiligrad. After Schloss Wiligrad, you reach Gallentin, turn right to Bad Kleinen. Now cycle to Hohen Viecheln on the L031, turn right heading for Ventschow. 150 m after the crossroads, turn right off the L031! You will cross train tracks and cycle round the northern tip of the Schwerin outer lake. The country lane leads through the Döpe nature reserve and on towards Flessenow. From here, follow the K1 to Retgendorf and continue to Rampe along the lake side. When you reach the B321, turn right onto the cycle path to the natural observatory. On the link road leading off to the right you will get back to the Best Western Seehotel Frankenhorst.

Total distance: Approx. 36 kilometres (22 miles)


2. Around the Schwerin inner lake

Turn right onto the road towards the Paulsdamm. Bear left at the Seewarte restaurant and follow the cycle path heading for Rampe. Continue straight on to the traffic light junction, then turn right heading for Leezen; from Leezen head for Görslow. You have the choice of either cycling along the lake or taking the direct cycle path to Raben Steinfeld. The route along the lake takes you through the “Görslower Ufer” nature reserve. You will need off-road tyres and will occasionally have to get off the bike and push it. Narrow tyres are unsuitable here. In wet weather, it is easier to stay on the cycle path. Please observe the code of conduct in the nature reserve. You will reach the B321 in Raben Steinfeld, bear right here, cross the bridge and turn right immediately. Pass the “Zum Reppin” restaurant and then you will arrive in Mueß; the Volkskundemuseum (Museum of Popular Art) is on your right; continue straight on until you reach the B321. Bear right here, turn right again straight after the “Zippendorf” restaurant and follow the path. You will get to Zippendorf beach and Franzosenweg. Bear right in the Schlosspark (castle park) and cross the bridge over the "Burgsee". At the castle entrance, turn left crossing the castle bridge, and turn immediately right passing the "Weiße Flotte" pier to the royal stables. Keep to the Werderstraße and after a few miles you will pass through the Schelfwerder woods to the Paulsdamm and the Seewarte restaurant. Turn left to reach the
Best Western Seehotel Frankenhorst.

Total distance: Approx. 32 kilometres (19 miles)


3. Connecting route Banzkow

From Frankenhorst, follow cycle paths and cross-country routes to Leezen and continue to Goder. In summer, stopover at the shores of Pinnower lake and take a refreshing dip. A walk along the western shores of the lake brings you through shaded beech forests with ancient giant trees. From Goder, continue on to Pino, bear left behind the old church towards Petersberg. Continue cycling towards Sukow, crossing the B321. You will reach Ziekow via Zieltet, where you can then continue to Banzkow.

Total distance: Approx. 24 kilometres (15 miles)


4. Lewitz round trip from Banzkow

Cycle to Jamel, then through Waldlewitz to the Stör canal. At the canal, bear right and follow the path to Breiter Graben. Bear right here heading for Friedrichsmoor. Pass the Jagdschloss and go straight on at the crossroads onto the L092, heading for Tuckhude. 1.3 km (just less than a mile) after the crossroads, turn left and pass the fishing lakes towards the L081. Turn left towards Matzlow-Garwitz and after 1.6 km (1 mile), turn left again heading for the fishing lakes on the K65. When you reach the L092, bear right towards Rusch. Before you get to Rusch, turn left, the path leads to the Forsthort Bahlenhüschen. Turn left here heading for Bahlenhüschen, in the town, bear right in the direction of Göhren. In Göhren, bear left heading for Sukow (if you go straight on in Bahlenhüschen, you will get straight to Sukow). In Sukow, bear left again and follow the K30 to Banzkow.

In the middle of the Lewitz, a hunting lodge was built in the style of a log cabin in 1705 by order of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm. In 1791, Duke Friedrich Franz I had it replaced by a three-wing half-timbered building based on a design by Johann Heinrich von Seydewitz. Today, nothing remains of the avenues that once extended radially from the Jagdschloss. The connection to the then royal palace of Ludwigslust can still be seen and is passable by car in parts. Many public figures have visited the Jagdschloss. These include Kaiser Wilhelm I and Wilhelm II as well as Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

Total distance: Approx. 43 kilometres (26 miles)


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